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This privacy statement summarizes the health data Mr. Healer and Doctors may collect or receive in relation to your use of the platform, explains how personal data such as personal details, health records, and medical history may be used and shared on occasion, and outlines your data sharing and usage rights. Please review this section of our privacy policy, which summarizes the most crucial components of our privacy policies.

Using information and communication technologies, the Telemedicine platform enables Registered Medical Doctors to provide healthcare and health-related services to patients, with the cooperation of healthcare workers/professionals, if any. Doctors providing consultations through Mr. Healer are independent health experts certified by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) who are professionally required to maintain the strictest confidentiality of health information. Any health data or information pertaining to a patient, such as the patient's history, physical findings, information about disease risks, and information about the actual physiological or biomedical state of an individual, irrespective of the source, interrogation, health information, medical images, clinical, pathological or examination documents, test reports and/or radiographic investigation and analysis, medication, diagnostic test, health education, consultation, diag, diag, diag, diag, diag, diag, diag, diag, You must first read and sign the Informed Approval for Telemedicine Services ("Informed Consent"), indicating your consent to the collection, use, and dissemination of your information as described in this Privacy Statement and the Informed Consent. In the case that any portion of this Privacy Policy conflicts with the Valid Consent, the criteria of Informed Consent will prevail.

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