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How To Get Registered As A Doctor In Mr. Healer App?

If you are a BMDC registered doctor, you can get yourself registered as a certified doctor of Mr. Healer App. The registration and verification process is as follows -

  • Download Mr. Healer Dr. App clicking the link:
  • Create an account in the app providing the needed information such as, your mobile number, name, department, degree, BMDC number etc.
  • Log in to the app and request us for registration through the app.
  • Afterwards, the verification process will be accomplished via App and E-mail.
  • Submit your required documents through E-mail (Internship Certificate, Certificate for Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Certificate of Full Registration as a Medical Practitioner, Certificate of any other qualifications if applicable).
  • Our Customer Service Representative will contact you as soon as possible for verification and if everything is alright then they will provide access to your account. After that you may sign-up and log in to Mr. Healer DR App using your user ID and Password.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Doctor In Mr. Healer App?

  • Consult with patients from anywhere, at any preferable time. This can save your time and allow you to be more efficient with your schedule.
  • This can be an additional source of income working from home or at free time along with your conventional medical practice and schedule at the chamber or hospital.
  • Get connected with patients who may not be able to visit your chamber or hospital in person. This can help you reach a larger patient base and expand your practice.
  • You can avoid the pen and paper hassle of writing prescriptions traditionally. Digital prescription can lessen your trouble.
  • You can see the medical history and previous medications of a patient through the app which can help you diagnose the health issue.
  • You can have a look at the lab or test reports of the patients through our app as well.
  • It can also reduce costs associated with running a traditional medical practice, such as rent, utilities, and staff salaries.

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